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Nothofagus antarctica - Antarctic Beech

Nothofagus antartica otherwise known as the Antarctic Beech offers something a little different. A tree that offers a lot of character with it’s irregular branch structure and small glossy green crinkly leaves, which give off a strong fragrance during the spring months when the leaves are young and fresh.

The Nothofagus antarctica is a native of temperate South America, commonly found as a subalpine tree above the evergreen beech forests.

Nothofagus antarctica sits well in British gardens as an alternative shrub, adding both interest and intrigue. During the spring-summer months the leaves are glossy green, as we transition into autumn the leaves turn to a fiery orange / yellow shade. Contrasting against bark which is chocolate brown with many silver lenticels covering the stems.

FACT: Nothofagus means ‘false beech.’

FACT: Nothofagus antarctica produces solitary pendant pale yellow green flowers in May, the plant is monoecious.

FACT: Nothofagus antarctica is available at Deepdale Trees as multi stem and feathered trees.

Plant Profile

Name: Nothofagus antarctica

Common Name: Antarctic Beech

Family: Nothofagaceae

Height: 12m +

Width: 8-10m

Demands: Full Sun, all aspect facing

Soil: Lime-free, moist but well drained Clay, Loam or Sand

Foliage: Small dark glossy green

Flowers: Inconspicuous White Flowers

Nothofagus antarctica info sheet

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