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Morus alba - White Mulberry

Morus alba is a fast growing, small to medium sized deciduous tree that is native to China. The Morus alba has a long and rich history of cultivation as a requirement for silkworm rearing. The cultivation began over four thousand years ago in China.

The Morus alba has spreading branches with a rounded crown. Its leaves are bright green variable in shape and size, they may be anything between 6 and 16cm long and heart-shaped or variously lobed creating interesting foliage.

Morus alba produces inconspicuous flowers, followed by fruits that start out white - pink in colour ripening to juicy dark fruits that are approximately 1-1.5cm long. They are sweet but bland, unlike the more intense flavour of the Morus nigra.

FACT: Widley cultivated to feed the silkworms employed in the commercial production of silk

Plant Profile

Name: Morus alba

Common Name: White Mulberry

Family: Moraceae

Height: 9.0-12.0m

Width: 8.0-10.0m

Demands: Full Sun, south facing, west facing

Soil: Moist but well drained, acidic, alkaline, chalk, loam, and sand.

Foliage: Deciduous

Flowers: Inconspicuous flowers, followed by whitish fruits to reddish pink.

Morus alba info sheet

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