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Osmanthus aquifolium - Holly Olive

Osmanthus x Fortunei Osmanthus x fortunei commonly known as ‘Fortune’s Osmanthus’ is a hybrid Osmanthus that originates from Japan. Osmanthus x fortunei is a cross between Osmanthus heterophyllus (small, spiky leaves) and Osmanthus fragrans (large, leathery leaves) creating a small multistemmed tree with sharply serrated, deep green, glossy, leathery leaves.

Another feature of the Osmanthus x fortunei are the fragrant flowers. They appear mid to late autumn in clusters of small white blooms hidden amongst the leaves and branches. Their sweet fragrance recalling a mixture of orange blossoms and plums, wonderfully strong and refreshing for the autumn months.

Osmanthus x fortunei is a brilliant evergreen that works wonderfully as specimen multistems or can be used as an alternative to other evergreens for screening.

FACT: Osmanthus x fortunei can be mistaken for Ilex (Holly) but Osmanthus have an additional feature that sets them apart. Their name is derived from Greek: Osme = Fragrance and Anthos = Flower.

Plant Profile

Name: Osmanthus aquifolium

Common Name: Holly Olive

Family: Oleaceae

Height: 4-8m

Width: 4-8m

Demands: Sheltered exposure, south or west facing, full to partial sun

Soil: Well drained soil and will tolerate most soil types

Foliage: Evergreen, Broad– ovate leaf

Flowers: White / Fragrant

Osmanthus x fortunei info sheet

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