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prunus shimidsu sakura - Japanese Cherry — Blushing Bride

Prunus shimidsu Sakura is a small, slow growing deciduous flowering ornamental cherry, with an elegant vase shape, wide spreading habit.

The Prunus shimidsu Sakura has beautiful delicate blossom that hang down in clusters of large double flowers 5cm in width, opening pink and fading to bright white as the season progresses.

The tree also offers interest during the autumnal months. The young leaves starting as pale bronze green, maturing to darker green leading to orange / red in the autumn.

FACT: The Prunus shimidsu Sakura holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit.
FACT: There are over 600 varieties of sakura in Japan.
FACT: 27th March is the official “Sakura Day” in Japan.

Plant Profile

Name: Prunus shimidsu Sakura

Common Name: Japanese Cherry — Blushing Bride

Family: Rosaceae

Height: 4-8m

Width: 4-8m

Demands: All aspect facing, sheltered or exposed

Soil: Clay, Chalk, Loam, Sand

Foliage: Deciduous

Flowers: White double flower

Prunus shimidsu Sakura info sheet

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