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Aesculus parviflora - Bottlebrush or Dwarf buckeye

Aesculus parviflora is commonly know as the Dwarf Buckeye or Dwarf bottlebrush. A species of suckering deciduous shrub, native to open woodlands of the south eastern United States.

The leaves are arranged in opposite pairs, palmately compound with 5-7 leaflets.

These open bronze then fade to dark green, before turning yellow in the Autumn.

The flowers are produced in erect panicles 20-30cm long with small white petals and are followed by smooth fruits.

FACT: Flowering in June and highly attractive for the bees. Butterflies and many other insect pollinators love to visit the flowers.
Great for planting in shady areas.

Plant Profile

Name: Aesculus parviflora

Common Name: Bottlebrush or Dwarf buckeye

Family: Sapindaceae

Height: 2.5-4m

Width: 4-8m

Demands: Full sun to partial shade in any aspect

Soil: Well drained loam, clay, or sand

Foliage: Deciduous

Flowers: White

Aesculus parviflora info sheet

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