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Abies koreana - Korean Fir

Abies koreana is a medium sized conifer which in the right location grows into a superb specimen plant. Growing up to 15m in height, it has a neat pyramidal form with a straight stem and neat, symmetrical growth.

The needles are mid green with a silvery underside, short and flattened. They spiral around the whole stem. The fresh growth when it emerges, bursts from the buds a bright yellow green.

One of the finest qualities of Abies koreana is the large cones that sit proud atop the stems. Growing up to 10cm, they are a bluish purple in colour before maturity. This is a popular choice for an ornamental conifer as it can have abundant cone production, even on juvenile plants.

Korean fir prefers a neutral to acid soil and should be protected from cold drying winds. For the best show, plant alongside plants with stunning autumn colour such as Acer palmatum, Viburnum plicatum or Euonymus alatus.

FACT: This plant is now endangered in its native South Korea due to climate change and invasive species.

Plant Profile

Name: Abies koreana

Common Name: Korean Fir

Family: Pinaceae

Height: up to 15m

Demands: Neutral to acid soil. Does not tolerate cold, dry winds

Foliage: Short flattened needles with a silver underside. Evergreen

Fruit: Purple-blue cones are produced which sit upright about the stems

Bark: Smooth, grey brown with resin blisters

Abies koreana info sheet

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