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Hamamelis intermedia - Witch Hazel

The genus Hamamelis is a group of 6 species of deciduous winter flowering shrubs, native to East Asia and North America. The leaves of these plants look very similar to our own native Hazel (Corylus avellana), though they are not related.

Hamamelis intermedia is the hybrid of a cross between Hamamelis mollis (China) and Hamamelis japonica (Japan).

This large shrub /small tree is available from Deepdale Trees as both a multistem and standard tree in a range of varieties.

FACT: The ripe fruit of Hamamelis can be explosive, firing small black seeds up to 10m.

Plant Profile

Name: Hamamelis intermedia

Common Name: Witch Hazel

Family: Hamamelidaceae

Height: 3-4m high x 3-4m wide

Shape: Medium-large shrub, forming a wide funnel shape

Demands: Sun-very light shade, Acid-slightly alkaline, well drained soils

Flowers: Intensely colourful and fragrant winter/early spring flowers. Flowering time and colour is dependent on the variety

Fruit: Small, brown, oval capsules

Autumn Colour: Yellow/Orange/Red

Hamamelis intermedia info sheet

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