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 Standard Trees are defined as trees with a noticeably upright stem, which is clean of lateral growths, supporting a well branched crown. The stem heights of our stock are in general between 1.8-2.5m but trees with heights of 3-12m are possible.

 Each season has its own surprises with flowers, fruits and autumn colours which can highlight different features in your gardens at different times of the year.

 Standard Trees are sold by girth and we can offer a fine selection of standards from 12-14cm to 120-140cm girth, in a wide selection of varieties including rarities and if not stocked can be sourced from our extensive network of UK & European nurseries if required.

 Dependent on the time of year we can supply your project with either container grown using our Air-Pot® Container System (see below), which are available all year round or field grown which dependent on weather and ground conditions are available from Late October/ Early November until Late March/ Early April to bring your concept into a reality.

 The “Air-Pot®” container system is very versatile and has many features that can assist the landscape contractor:

  • Most importantly, Air-Pot® grown trees and shrubs have a much improved fibrous root system giving better transplant resilience and no transport shock. 
  • There are NO waste products delivered to site (trees are packaged in a conventional root ball)
  • As they are packaged in a conventional root ball they simple to handle and easy to anchor.

 For more information on the Air-Pot® System – please click here >>

 We are always happy to give advice and help you to find the right trees for your project, just contact us with your requirements!

 If you prefer or require other forms and shapes please click here for

 For more field grown ideas please visit our German partners site:


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Acer campestre Elsrijk 20-25cm girth Acer campestre Elsrijk 18-20cm girth Acer frem. Autumn Blaze 18-20-25cm girth Acer platanoides Royal Red 18-20cm girth Acer rubrum 18-20cm girth, CG (autumn) Acer campestre Elsrijk 18-20cm girth
Acer plat. Globosum 18-20cm girth, CG Betula pendula 20-35-30cm girth Betula albosinensis Fastination 20-35cm girth, CG. and Gleditisa triac Sunburst 18-20 cm girth, CG Betula pendula 20-25cm girth, CG carpinus betulus 20-25cm Corylus colurna 18-20-25cm
Crataegus carrierei 25-30cm girth, CG Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea 30-35cm girth CG Gleditsia tria. Sunburst 18-20-25cm girth CG Liquidamber styraciflua 25-30cm girth, CG Malus Evereste 18-20-25cm Malus Rudolph 18-20-25cm
Malus Rudolph 20-25cm girth Magnolia grandiflora 20-25cm girth, CG Pinus sylvestris - 60-70-80cm Pinus sylvestris H 60-70-80-90cm Populus tremula 18-20cm girth, CG (autumn) Prunus serrula 20-25-30cm girth CG
Prunus maackii Amber Beauty 20-25cm girth Prunus avium Plena  18-20cm girth Prunus padus 20-25cm Prunus avium Plena 18-20-25cm Prunus avium Plena and Liquidamber styraciflua Worplesdon 18-20cm girth Prunus lauro Otto Luyken Dome Diameter 150cm<br> & Quercus palustris 60-70-80cm girth
Prunus lusit. Angustifolia 25-30cm girth, CG Prunus maackii Amber Beauty 20-25cm Platanus acerfolia 50-60cm girth Pyrus call Chanticleer 45-50cm girth  Quercus robur 50-60cm girth Quercus palustris 18-20cm - Autumn colour
Quercus palustris 18-20cm Quercus tobur 20-35cm girth, CG Quercus ilex 45-50cm girth CG Quercus palustris 80-90cm girth CG Salix alba Tristis 30-35-40cm Salix alba Tristis 50-60cm girth
Sorbus auc. Sheerwater Seedling 25-30cm girth CG Sorbus aria 25-30cm girth, CG Sorbus aucup. Sheerwater Seedling 18-20-25cm Sorbus aucuparia 18-20cm girth Sorbus aria 18-20cm girth Sorbus intermedia 12-14-15cm girth, CG
Thuja plicata Excelsa 25-30cm girth, CG Tila europ.Pallida 20-25cm Tilia europeea Pallida 18-20cm girth Tilia cordata Greenspire 50-60cm girth CG Tilia tomentosa 25-30cm girth Tilia cordata Greenspire 20-25cm girth
Tilia europaea Pallida 14-16cm girth          


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Deepdale Trees

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From our convenient location in the heart of England, we are able to make year round deliveries Europe wide, selecting from over 140 acres of UK production. We are also able to source plants on request through our extensive supply network. Fully plant-passported and therefore able to supply trees throughout the UK and Europe.

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