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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the girth?

See Technical information page

What does standard, feathered, multistem, umbrella shape, pleached, boxed and instant hedging mean?

See Tree Forms page

What does WRB and CG mean? 

WRB = Wire root balled = Field grown plants
CG = container grown = Air-pot container grown plants

What does clearstem means?

The clearstem height is defined as: "the distance from the ground to the lowest branch". (HTA)

How heavy will my tree be?

See Technical Information page for tree weights

How tall will my tree be?

See Technical information page for tree heights

What is a ‘Heavy Standard’ or ‘Semi Mature’ tree?  

See Technical page for definition of Heavy Standard and Semi Mature trees

How will my tree arrive?

The rootball will be covered in hessian and wire, which should be left on for planting.

The crown will be carefully tied in order to protect the branches during transport and handling.Don’t forget to untie the crown before planting.

See delivery page for further information on deliveries

What does ‘shared load’ mean?

See delivery page for further information on shared loads

In order to save both money and the environment, we look to combine deliveries whenever possible. Delivery offered on a ‘shared load’ means that we will try to combine deliveries for multiple clients onto one delivery in order to reduce the freight costs for all. 

If you wish to take advantage of the reduced cost of a shared load then flexibility on delivery date & time is essential.

We will of course endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.

Will the driver of our haulier help me to unload?

Please look up our Delivery options (collection/deliveries/Hiabs)

Do I need to take the wire and hessian off the rootball?

No Never! 

The rootball is wrapped in biodegradable hessian and non-galvanised wire, which will protect the root system during handling and planting. The rootball should be planted intact with both the hessian and wire left on.  Once planted the non-galvanised wire will break down and the hessian will rot away, allowing the root system to develop

How big should the planting hole be?

Please refer to our Planting guide

When is the best time to plant a tree?

365 days per year for airpot container grown trees

Planting from November until end March for rootball trees. 

Do I need to stake my tree?

It depends on your site conditions: Please refer to our Planting guide

Underground anchoring is available from us with your tree delivery, please look under:

Further information on this product can be viewed at: (opens in new window)
or please see their brochure: Click here for Brochure (opens in new window)

My tree has a 2 m clearstem now – how tall is the clearstem in 5 years?

The tree's growth does not affect the length of the clear stem as the growth is contained to the branches so it grows from the top of the branches upwards and outwards.

When should I prune my pleached trees?

Pleached trees in various forms are trained to the individual shapes over years. To maintain this shape you can slightly prune them when planted and from that time onwards a pruning will be necessary once in the early summer months.

Which trees are tolerant to your conditions on site?

Please refer to our tree choice page



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