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Instant Hedging available from 50cm to 3.0m in height are individual plants which have been clipped over many years to create a dense rectangular form. When planted side by side, an instant dense hedge is formed.

Instant hedging plants can transform your garden in an instant and are excellent for creating a green fence or when used to split up a garden into sections giving the opportunity to transform part of the garden for example into a relaxing oasis when the other part is a children play area. You can use also instant hedging elements to create a maze or as a low border in a garden setting.

When used in residential projects usually a single species is utilised such as Carpinus betulus, Fagus sylvatica or Taxus baccata to give a standard effect.

However for more public projects it is becoming more and more common for us to supply smaller hedging plants not pre-clipped in mixed species, such as Crataegus, Cornus, and Corylus amongst others. These are available from 1.5-2.5m in height and once planted should be pruned. Mixed hedges are very valuable habitats for wildlife giving year round interest.

The “Air-Pot®” container system is very versatile and has many features that can assist the landscape contractor:

  • Most importantly, Air-Pot® grown trees and shrubs have a much improved fibrous root system giving better transplant resilience and no transport shock. 
  • There are NO waste products delivered to site (trees are packaged in a conventional root ball)
  • As they are packaged in a conventional root ball they simple to handle and easy to anchor.

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buxus sempervirens Carpinus betulus 3m 108150 Carpinus betulus 300x120x80 carpinus betulus Hedge 8m Carpinus 2.5x1x0.6 carpinus betulus hedging
Lusitanica 180-200 Photinia Red Robin Hedge Taxus baccata 1.8-2m Taxus baccata 3mx1.5mx2.0m container grown hedging container grown instant hedging
airpot container grown hedging Field grown hedging field grown hedgin plants      



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