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Girth / Circumference

Standard trees are priced and sold according their girth. The girth is the circumference of the stem measured one metre from ground level. Girth is a much better gauge of maturity than height, which can vary enormously between species.

Note: Only applies to standard trees.
Feathered and multi-stem are measured in height (metres).

Girth Type
08-10cm Standard
10-12cm Selected Standard
12-14cm Heavy
14-16cm Extra Heavy
16-18cm Extra Heavy
18-20cm Extra Heavy
20-25cm Semi Mature
25-30cm Semi Mature
30+ cm Semi Mature
Measuring the girth of a standard tree


Nearly all of our trees are prepared and loaded with mechanical lifting tools, Only a few of the trees we supply are suitable to be planted “by hand”.

Weights given are approximate and may vary according to the tree variety, soil type and moisture content on delivery date.

Tree Sizes
Rootball Sizes
Diameter x Depth
WRB /cm
  Container Sizes
Diameter x Depth
CG /cm
14-16 50x50cm 100   60x50cm 100
16-18 50x50cm 150   60x50cm 175
18-20 60x60cm 200   70x60cm 250
20-25 70x60cm 250   80x60cm 350
25-30 80x60cm 350   90x60cm 500
30-35 90x60cm 500   100x60cm 650
35-40 100x70cm 650   110x70cm 850
40-45 120x70cm 850   135x70cm 1100
45-50 130x70cm 1100   145x70cm 1600
50-60 140x70cm 1600   160x80cm 2500
60-70 160x80cm 2500   180x80cm 4000
70-80 180x80cm 4000   200x80cm 5500
80-90 200x100cm 5500   225x100cm 7500
90-100 225x100cm 7500   250x100cm 9000
100-120 250x100cm 9500   275x100cm 10000


Big rootball on mature tree

4m rootball

We also have smaller containers!


The correlation between the girth and height of a deciduous tree varies greatly between varieties and even between different batches of the same variety. The table gives an idea of the average height of a typical tree in each available girth size.


Example of Quercus palustris in different girth sizes

Standard trees are available from 12/14 cm to 90/100 cm girth, please see below for example images of Quercus palustris in the different sizes:

Tree Sizes
Height (metre)
14-16 3.0-4.0m
16-18 4.0-4.5m
18-20 4.0-5.0m
20-25 4.5-5.5m
25-30 5.0-6.0m
30-35 5.5-6.5m
35-40 6.0-7.0m
40-45 6.5-7.5m
45-50 7.0-8.0m
50-60 7.0-9.0m
60-70 7.0-10.0m+
Size comparison standard size comparison

Girth: 14-16cm
Rootball: 50cm diameter x 30cm deep
Height of plant: approx 4.0m


Girth: 20-25cm
Rootball:80cm diameter x 50cm deep
Height of plant: approx 5.0 - 6.0m


size comparison size comparison - semi mature

Girth: 35-40cm
Rootball: 110cm diameter x 70cm deep
Height of plant: approx 7.0 - 8.0m

Girth: 80-90cm
Rootball: 220cm diameter x 100cm deep
Height of plant: approx 10 - 12m



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