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Taxodium distichum - Bald Cypress

Taxodium distichum, is a deciduous conifer that maintains a relatively narrow, pyramidal shape eventually growing to a width of between 8.0-10.0m.

Mature Taxodium distichum growing near water, in swamp like conditions form roots that protrude above the ground also known as ‘knees’, they can attain a width of approx. 30cm and a height of 1.0m. It is native to the South Eastern part of the United States and was brought to Europe in the 17th Century as one of the first New World Species.

Taxodium distichum is a brilliant tree for large gardens with poor draining soil. It makes for a magnificent specimen. In the spring soft fresh green needles emerge, arranged alternately in two ranks along small branches. Once Autumn arrives the needles turn a burnt orange shade before dropping.

FACT: The resin in the cones were used as a healing balm for various ailments, especially rashes on the skin.
FACT: The Taxodium distichum’s soft wood is rot-resistant making it particularly useful for underwater and exterior constructions.

Plant Profile

Height: 12.0m +

Width: 8.0-10.0m

Demands: Full Sun, all aspect facing

Soil: Poorly drained - moist but well drained, Clay, Chalk, Loam and Sand.

Foliage: Deciduous

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