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Sorbus intermedia Brouwers - Swedish Whitebeam

Sorbus intermedia ‘Brouwers’ or commonly known as Swedish Whitebeam has distinctive lobed leaves that are dark green in colour with grey hairs on the underside, giving a silver-grey appearance.

Sorbus intermedia Brouwers is a clone and will reliable produce branches that are more ascending in nature resulting in a even pyramid shaped crown.

Beautifully creamy white flower give off a lovely scent in May, which provides nectar which is followed by orange and red fruits in small umbels, which remain until October. These berries contrast with the fierier orange tones of the leaves of autumn.

FACT: With pretty foliage and regular crowns it is an ideal candidate for street planting and a super tree for under lighting.
The fruit will be ripe towards the end of September and the flesh has a ‘boring’ flavour but once the seed is grounded it develops a pleasant marzipan flavour.
The berries also make a good substitute for grain.

Plant Profile

Height: 10 to 15 metres

Width: 4 to 8 metres

Demands: Sheltered or exposed

Soil: Well drained loam, clay, or sand

Foliage: Deciduous

Flowers: White

Sorbus intermedia Brouwers info sheet

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