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Quercus rubra - Red Oak

Quercus rubra is a fast growing large deciduous round-top tree native to North America. With a central leader and strong lateral branches that spread very widely.

Shoots are olive-brown to reddish-olive and the bark is dark-grey to blackish which is smooth for a long period of time but later on becomes scaly and sulcate in a flat way.

Leaves are alternate, deeply lobed, 10-25cm long and 7-15cm wide, dark-green with very pretty orange-red to scarlet or brown autumn colour the leaves often stay on the trees all winter.

After 20 years of growth the inconspicuous blossoms of this monoecious species appear from April to May followed by characteristic acorns up to 2.5cm long.

FACT: The light reddish brown wood is used for flooring and furniture. However, despite its strength, the wood has such an open grain that smoke can be blown right through a flat-sawn board from end to end, down the grain.

Plant Profile

Height: Above 20 metres

Width: Over 10 metres

Demands: Full Sun or Partial Shade, does not like North facing aspects and requires lime free soil.

Soil: Well drained Sand, Clay or Loam

Foliage: Deciduous

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