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Populus tremula - Quaking Aspen

Populus tremula is a fast growing deciduous broadleaf tree with a narrow or round crown often with overhanging branches native to the UK and most of Europe.

It is a beautiful tree with shimmering foliage that is constantly moving and rustling in even the slightest breeze, its leaves are round with large irregular blunt teeth. The leaf stalks are flattened and flexible near the leaf blade, which is why the leaves flutter so easily.

Young leaves are coppery coloured before turning green, they then turn a vibrant yellow or occasionally red before falling in autumn.

Catkins are found on the tree between March and April with the female catkins producing tiny fluffy seeds in summer.

FACT: The name tremula means to tremble and refers to the way the leaves flutter and mo ve in the slightest breeze. According to legend the cross of Christ was made of Aspen wood.

Plant Profile

Height: Up to 12-15 metres

Width: Up to 8-15 metres

Demands: Happy in full sun and any aspect whether exposed or sheltered

Soil: Any

Foliage: Deciduous

Flower: Catkins

Populus tremula info sheet

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