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Pinus nigra Austriaca - Austrian Pine or Black Pine

Pinus nigra Austriaca is one of the most popular plants sold at Deepdale Trees. Native to Austria and the Balkans and known as Austrian Pine or European Black Pine, this tough evergreen plant grows well in a wide range of conditions. It is ideal for screening and windbreaks and is tolerant of urban, coastal and exposed environments.

When young it has a conical form and a strong growth rate. With age, the growth slows and the form of the tree broadens and becomes more irregular. Eventually it will reach approximately 25-30m in height.

The stiff needles are arranged in pairs, longer and greener than Scots Pine and with a denser habit. When the new growth comes through in the spring it is in the form of bright green ‘candles’. As with all Pines, cones are produced, green initially and brown when fully matured 2-2.5 years later. The bark is grey and fissured, with silvery plates.

When introduced to this country in the 18th Century, it was planted alongside other new and foreign species. Some of these still exist today and suitably demonstrate what a wonderful specimen this can be.

Pinus nigra Austriaca is available from Deepdale as a standard, feathered or bonsai plant.

Plant Profile

Height: up to 30m

Demands: Thrives in full sunlight. Tolerant of most soils and urban, coastal and exposed environments

Foliage: Evergreen, long dark green needles in pairs

Bark: Scaly bark with orange-red, flaking plates

Fruit: Brown cones, 5-9cm in length

Pinus nigra Austriaca info sheet

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