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Malus domestica - Apple

Although they are not native, Malus domestica has been grown in the UK for centuries. Originating in Central Asia, it has over 3000 known cultivars; bred for different things, including taste, colour and size. The Apple tree bears small, bright red fruit with a irresistibly sweet, crisp flavour.

A great addition to a wildlife garden, Malus domestica provides not only shelter, its delicate flowers are rich in pollen/nectar; Bees, beneficial insects and butterflies are attracted to this. Birds are also drawn to the tree as it produces fruit.

Apple trees can be a beautiful feature for any courtyard garden as they can be containerised. Also, as they can be grown in a variety of forms, (including pleached, half stem or quarter stem) they are perfect for smaller gardens

FACT: Did you know, it takes the energy from 50 leaves to produce one high quality apple with the right size and colour.

FACT: Malus domestica make up half of the worlds deciduous fruit tree population.

Plant Profile

Height: 8.0-9.0m

Width: 2.5-3.0m

Demands: Grow in full sun or partial sun

Soil: tolerate a variety of soils but prefer rich, well drained soil

Foliage: Deciduous, produces edible fruit

Flowers: 5 petalled, white flowers blooming between April to June

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