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Ilex Nellie R Stevens - Holly Nellie Stevens

Ilex Nellie R Stevens or commonly known as Holly Nellie R Stevens is an American cultivar, a hybrid of Ilex cornuta and Ilex aquifolium.

Ilex Nellie R Stevens’ ability to bear an abundance of red fruits that are persistent through winter, makes it one of the most widely used holly cultivars. The berries contrast brilliantly with the attractive glossy dark green leaves. It also provides a tight, conical upright form that is popular with many garden designers and landscapers. In addition to it’s aesthetic characteristics, the Ilex Nellie R Stevens is tolerant to adverse conditions.

FACT: Ilex Nellie R Stevens is parthenocarpic meaning it bears fruits without fertilization.

FACT: It was developed in Maryland, by Nellie Robinson Stevens and released to the nursery trade in 1954.

Plant Profile

Height: 6-8m

Width: 5-8m


Soil: Moist but well-drained Clay, Loam, Sand

Foliage: Shiny dark olive green

Flowers: Inconspicuous White Flowers

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