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Crataegus lavallei Carrierei - Hybrid Cockspur Thorn

Crataegus x lavallei ‘Carrierei’ is a small garden tree which forms a neat and compact crown. It tends to hold onto its leaves quite late, which makes it a useful tree for screening.

It is also a tree with year round interest. In late spring, the pretty flowers appear, 5 white petals with a red centre. These are followed by orange-red haws which ripen in autumn and can persist long into the winter. Both of these features are highlighted against the dark green glossy foliage which turns glowing shades or oranges and reds in the autumn. The bark is also attractive, silvery grey and smooth on the upright twisted branches and then cracking and textured on the trunk and more mature areas.

This is a tough tree which will grow well on a variety of different soils. It will tolerate exposed sites and even some coastal exposure.

It is available from Deepdale Trees in either a standard or multistem form.

FACT: A great tree for screening as it tends to hold onto its leaves quite late.

Plant Profile

Height: 7-9m at maturity

Demands: Tolerates most conditions and soil types

Foliage: Dark green, glossy and ovate. One of the last deciduous trees to drop its leaves

Flower: Small creamy white single flowers in late spring

Fruit: Small haws ripen to orange-red in autumn

Bark: Silvery grey, fissured with age. Branches are slightly twisted giving an unusual appearance in winter.

Crataegus Carrierei info sheet

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