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Corylus colurna - Turkish Hazel

Corylus colurna is a large tree which is native to South East Europe and South West Asia.

The crown is columnar when young but broadens with age, forming a beautiful pyramidal shape ideally suited to avenue planting.

Seasonal interest is provided by elegant long yellow catkins in spring, clusters of edible nuts in frilly cups and good yellow autumn foliage colour. The pale brown corky bark is also very attractive throughout the year.

Corylus colurna is very tough and will thrive in nearly all soils including both clay and chalk. It is also extremely tolerant of exposure and paved areas which make it a perfect candidate for urban planting.

FACT: Corylus colura is the largest species of hazel reaching 25m in height.

Plant Profile

Height: 20m+

Demands: Grows well in all soils, including chalk and clay.

Bark: Attractive, pale brown corky bark

Foliage: Dark green, shiny leaves

Flower: Long yellow catkins in spring

Fruit: Clusters of hazelnuts in large frilly cups

Corylus colurna info sheet

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