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Cedrus atlantica Glauca - Blue Atlas Cedar

Cedrus atlantica are native to the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. The ‘Glauca Group’ are one of the most striking in appearance of all the blue conifers.

A large evergreen, which is conical as a young plant, later broadens with age into a spreading, flat topped tree. Ideally it needs to be grown in a large open area where it can properly develop its magnificent form and there is space for it to be admired.

Identified by its short, silvery-blue needles which spiral around the stems and the barrel shaped cones it produces, Cedrus atlantica Glauca is a robust plant capable of growing in a range of soil types as long as wet soils are avoided.

Plant Profile

Height: 20m+

Demands: Does well on a wide range of soils but will not tolerate waterlogging

Foliage: Evergreen with short, silvery-blue needles.

Fruit: Barrel shaped cones can take up to two years to mature

Cedrus atlantica Glauca info sheet

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