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Acer platanoides Royal Red - Norway Maple Royal Red

To add a splash of colour to any scheme look no further than the magnificent Acer platanoides Royal Red. This American selection of Acer platanoides is a fast growing, medium sized tree which develops a wide conical crown and makes a beautiful standalone specimen.

Large clusters of lemon yellow flowers emerge in early spring before the leaves. These are followed by large, dark purple lobed leaves which turn bright red in autumn.

Good wind resistance and a tolerance of most soils, drought and urban pollution means that this tree will thrive almost anywhere.

Acer Royal red is rumoured to be slightly smaller and hardier than the closely related Crimson King.

FACT: Norway maple can be found growing north of the Arctic circle and can be found growing in Anchorage, Alaska.

Plant Profile

Height: 10-12m

Demands: Grows well in almost all soils. Tolerant of wind, drought and air pollution

Foliage: Large burgundy coloured leaves with five lobes

Flower: Yellow umbels in spring before the flowers emerge

Fruit: Bright red ‘keys’ developing from the spring flowers.

Acer platanoides Royal Red info sheet

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