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Acer platanoides Emerald Queen - Norway Maple

A hardy fast growing large deciduous tree Acer platanoides ‘Emerald Green’ has a good upright form with a dense, symmetrical, rounded to oval crown making it ideal for avenue and urban planting. The bark is beautifully patterned with vertical and interlaced ridges.

Clusters of yellow-green scented flowers appear on bare branches in spring before the leaves appear followed by green winged fruits.

The large five lobbed leaves very like the stylized Maple Leaf on the Canadian flag are bright green throughout the summer and turn a butter yellow in the autumn occasionally finishing with orange. The effect becomes more and more spectacular as the tree grows to maturity due to the size of the tree.

FACT: The bare ground found under the tree is due to it releasing chemicals that discourage undergrowth including sapling growth.

Plant Profile

Height: Over 20 metres

Width: up to 18 metres

Demands: Full Sun / Partial shade

Soil: Chalk, Clay, Sand or Loam

Foliage: Deciduous

Hardy: Sun, Frost and wind resistant.

Acer platanoides Emerald Queen info sheet

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