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Acer cappadocicum Rubrum - Red Cappadocian Maple

Acer cappadocicum Rubrum is a majestic tree/ shrub that has a neat, round canopy. The 5-lobed leaves are a lovely plum colour at first, turning to green in the summer and gradually turning yellow in the autumn before they drop.

Due to is slender branches, Acer cappadocicum Rubrum is ideal for any sunny sheltered position and can often be found in a tree grouping in parklands, as a specimen planting on a large lawn or as an avenue or roadway.

Acer cappadocicum Rubrum will generally grow in most soils and as a result of this and the interest it brings to the landscape with its three seasons of colour it has won the RHS award of Garden Merit (AGM).

FACT: Prunus sargentii flowers in April, then produces purple black berries which are a favourite of the birds due to their size and colour.
FACT: The wood has been used for timber in Japan for many years.
FACT: Great for planting in shady areas.

Plant Profile

Height: 10-15m

Width: 6-10m

Demands: Sunny, light shade

Soil: Chalk, clay, sand, loam

Foliage: Deciduous

Flowers: Umbels of pale yellow flowers

Acer cappadocicum Rubrum info sheet

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