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Acer capillipes - Red Snakebark Maple

Acer capillipes is commonly known as Snakebark Maple. The tree originates from Japan and was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1894.

It is a small, deciduous tree with the striking feature of the grey-white striped bark. This is best visible when the tree is juvenile.

The foliage offers additional interest all year round as the young, new growth unfurls red changing to green for summer before turning from a vivid orange-red to deep red in the autumn.

Acer capillipes also showcases flowers, white/yellow in drooping racemens in May, along with winged fruits who start light-green then phasing to red-brown.

FACT: It is from the thread-like stalks of the flowers and fruits that this maple gets its name. Capillipes is derived from Cappilaceous or capillaris - resembling a strand of hair. The flowers on the tree are brilliant for the bees and butterflies.

Plant Profile

Height: 8-12 metres

Width: 4-8 metres

Demands: Sheltered, full / partial sun

Soil: Moist but well drained chalk, clay, sand, loam

Foliage: 12cm long 3 lobed leaves

Flowers: Flowers green, in drooping racemens, attractive pink fruits

Acer capillipes info sheet

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