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Enkianthus campanulatus - Red Vein Enkianthus

A spreading deciduous shrub Ekianthus campanulatus which originates from countries in North East Asia has two notable seasons.

As well as being is renowned for its Autumn colour in early summer it produces pendulous clusters of delicate, bell shaped, cream to pink flowers of around half an inch in length with darker pink margins in a raceme that number up to 15.

In autumn, the elliptic shaped, mid green leaves up to 2in long and 1in wide that are clustered at the end of the twigs turn flaming shades of orange and red.

This pretty shrub is perfect for shady, woodland edge and gives its most brilliant autumn display on acid soil, so will plant well alongside rhododendrons.

FACT: Enkianthus comes from the Greek ‘enkyos’ meaning pregnant and ‘Anthos’ meaning a flower. campanulatus comes from the Greek meaning bell-shaped in reference to the shape of the flowers.

Plant Profile

Name: Enkianthus campanulatus

Common Name: Red Vein Enkianthus

Family: Ericaceae

Height: 4.5m

Width: 4.5m

Demands: Prefers Partial Shade but will take Full Sun

Soil: Moist but well drained acidic soils

Foliage: Deciduous

Flower: Small bell shaped yellowish flowers with red veins and markings

Enkianthus campanulatus info sheet