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Taxodium ascendens Nutans - Pond Cypress

Taxodium ascendans Nutans (Pond Cypress) is a very distinctive and interesting tree.

Like the better known Swamp Cypress, this is a deciduous conifer which will grow well in wet ground. It is relatively slow growing with a conical form and will ultimately reach a height of approximately 10m.

The eye-catching feature is the bright green foliage that emerges in spring, growing vertically up from the branches and giving it a feathery appearance. In autumn it takes on the most glorious shades of orange and bronze.

This tree will grow best in a moist to wet area. Ideally it prefers slight acidity but will tolerate any moisture retentive soil. Best in full sun though can tolerate some light shade.

Available from Deepdale as a half stem tree.

FACT: An unusual and eye-catching tree as the foliage ascends vertically from the stems in spring.

Plant Profile

Name: Taxodium ascendens Nutans

Common Name: Pond Cypress

Family: Taxodiaceae

Height: up to 10m

Demands: Any moist fertile soil, though ideally slightly acidic.

Foliage: Bright green, feathery foliage growing vertically up from the branches. Coppery orange in Autumn

Bark: Textured bark with fissures revealing red underneath

Taxodium ascendens Nutans info sheet