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Environmental Action

Our policy is to put a lot of effort into saving water, reduce the carbon footprint and any kind of waste.

The company's plants are delivered with all their rootballs wrapped in hessian and non-galvanised wire. This covering is user friendly because it is designed to be retained when the trees are planted and it is fully bio-degradable, so no waste products are delivered to site.

The airpot container (made out of recycled plastic) - remaining at our nursery - will be reused at our nursery again for another 5 to 6 potting cycles. If an airpot is damaged or not anymore usable in our nursery we will send them back to the production factory and they will recycle them into new airpots.

We also use degradable hessian trees ties, to avoid rubbish and waste at our nursery and on your projects.

Irrigation: Our water irrigation system is computerised to run several times during the day, only for a few minutes, to keep the rootball moist not wet, but no extra water runs wasted into the ground. 60% of the tree water requirement is given in the early evening to avoid evaporation during the day.

Herbicide/Pesticide: We try to minimize the use of Herbicide and Pesticide as much as possible; encouraging bird life into the nursery to control the insects in a natural way.

Wildlife: We encourage the country wildlife into our nursery as much as possible. Beside our wide range of song birds and birds of prey, lately even grass snake, lizards and newts were spotted at Deepdale.

Every year we are reviewing our work processes. Machinery and equipment will be updated regularly in order to save fuel and to lower our CO2 emissions.

Haulage: We work with an excellent local haulier, who renews his vehicle to secure the road safety regarding MOT/Road Haulage Associations Rules frequently.
We endeavour to combine lorry loads with several clients on the same lorry to avoid sending half empty lorries out and to save on fuel.



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Deepdale Trees Ltd.,
Tithe Farm, Hatley Road,
Potton, Sandy,
Beds. SG19 2DX.

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Deepdale Trees

Grower of the UK's finest and widest selection of semi mature trees and shrubs.
From our convenient location in the heart of England, we are able to make year round deliveries Europe wide, selecting from over 140 acres of UK production. We are also able to source plants on request through our extensive supply network. Fully plant-passported and therefore able to supply trees throughout the UK and Europe.

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