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“A growing source of excellence”

Deliver of mature trees thoughout the UK and Europe

Delivery Options


You are of course welcome to come and collect your plants. They will be carefully loaded onto your vehicle by our highly trained and professional teams of dispatch staff. However, before you arrange collection we would kindly ask you to consider both the overall height and weight of the plants, in order to ensure that the vehicle which you bring is suitable.

If you are at all unsure of the height or weight of your plants, or would like some advice as to the suitability of your vehicle, please don't hesitate to ask.

If your vehicle is uncovered, please bring a light weight sheet to cover and protect the plants during transport. Plants that are transported uncovered will suffer wind damage to both the leaves and buds.

We reserve the right to refuse to load plants onto your vehicle if, due to its condition or size, it is deemed unsuitable.

Please remember, that we are also responsible for the safety of your load!

Standard Delivery
(28ft/45ft curtain-sided or flat bed trailer)

We do not have our own delivery fleet, but instead work with a very large, highly experienced and reliable local haulier. Through this haulier we are able to arrange timed deliveries, Europe wide, on a variety of different sized vehicles, and often at very short notice.

Please note, that we are only responsible for delivery to site; standard delivery vehicles do not have any facilities for offloading or planting. Please ensure you have adequate staff and machinery to unload, as limited offloading time applies and our delivery drivers are not contracted to handle stock.

Our delivery charges are calculated according to the order value, the size of vehicle required and the radial mileage from our office in Potton.

In order to help our clients reduce delivery charges and to minimize carbon emissions, we will always attempt to combine deliveries whenever possible. A certain amount of flexibility in your delivery date/time will always help us to keep delivery charges to a minimum.

In general, all deliveries will be made on curtain-sided vehicles in order to provide plants with the greatest amount of protection during transport. However, if you are planning to unload using a crane or have particularly tight access, then we can also arrange delivery on a flat bed vehicle. All flat bed deliveries are fully secured and sheeted.

During the summer months, it is advisable to try and avoid using flat bed vehicles whenever possible. The warm winds at this time of year can be particularly damaging on the plant foliage and buds, even when the trees are fully sheeted.

Finally, before booking delivery, please ensure that there is sufficient access and adequate room to manoeuvre on site, for the size of vehicle required.

Sizes of a 45ft long lorry (curtain/flat) = length 16.5m; width 2.6m
Sizes of a 28ft long lorry (curtain/flat) = length 11.2m; width 2.6m

HIAB - Deliveries:

If required, we are able to organise delivery on a vehicle with an on-board crane, which can be used to unload the plants.

Please note that, while the driver will operate the crane, the responsibility for unloading remains that of the client/contractor on site.

Cancellation of deliveries:

In order to ensure their safe and prompt delivery, our plants must be prepared and loaded well in advance of delivery.

For this reason, we reserve the right to pass on any incurred costs, if a delivery is cancelled less than 48 hours before the agreed delivery time.


Delivery options - truck


Please note:
Visits to the strictly
wholesale nursery
by appointment only!


Deepdale Trees Ltd.,
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Potton, Sandy,
Beds. SG19 2DX.

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Deepdale Trees

Grower of the UK's finest and widest selection of semi mature trees and shrubs.
From our convenient location in the heart of England, we are able to make year round deliveries Europe wide, selecting from over 140 acres of UK production. We are also able to source plants on request through our extensive supply network. Fully plant-passported and therefore able to supply trees throughout the UK and Europe.

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